Any proposal for a new Civic Centre on the Bath Road Car Park site should reference the following principles:

A high-quality mixed-use building that provides an identi able civic presence, is publicly accessible, and provides for a pleasant working environment.

The building should realise the opportunity of the location to generate activity and make a positive contribution to the existing streetscape, skyline and public realm in the western part of Hounslow town centre through its design and function.

The massing of the building should contribute to the setting of surrounding buildings by creating a strong building line along Bath Road, a visible presence from Hounslow High Street and public transport hubs, and a new area of public realm. Any overbearing or unacceptable loss of daylight or sunlight must be avoided. Heights of 5-8 storeys would be acceptable across the site, with taller elements positioned to terminate views along the High Street and Lampton Road.

The transition in scale at the western boundary of the site should be skilfully managed by stepping back from the site boundary or a change in mass. This western elevation should be skilfully managed to mitigate against overbearing and to successfully terminate views into Hounslow town centre from the west.

The massing and elevational design of the building should re ect and reveal how this public building functions internally where possible. External cores, circulation spaces, public receptions and a new public library all offer opportunities to activate elevations and signify the building’s civic function.

Technical requirements for solar shading or privacy should be used as opportunities for contrast and be integral to the design of the building. The three-sided nature of the Bath Road Car Park site means that all elevations are critical, including the western elevation which terminates views along the historic Bath Road.

Service access to the site should be provided from Bulstrode Road, with the potential for a vehicular access from Bath Road into a basement car park. The impact of vehicular movement and tracking on neighbouring buildings and uses should be carefully considered.

The bus halt on Bath Road will need to be relocated at a position to the satisfaction of relevant transport operators.

The requirement to relocate existing car parking spaces at the Bath Road Car Park will depend upon local need within Hounslow town centre at the time a planning application for redevelopment of the site is submitted.

A new Civic Centre should improve and animate the public realm at Bath Road and Lampton Road, with a landscape design that considers increased pedestrian flows across Bath Road and Lampton Road. The Council’s preference is to retain the segregated cycle lane on Bath Road.

The Bath Road Car Park site is within an Archaeological Priority Zone and as a consequence appropriate archaeological studies must be undertaken prior to development of the site.