Land Use

Land use considerations and objectives

The council’s objectives for the site are to:

  • Add vitality to the centre, by developing a high quality, mixed use building in this key town centre location;
  • Provide civic facilities and of ces for Hounslow Council;
  • Provide a modern library;
  • Contribute to housing;
  • Enhance the public realm and contribute to highway and footway improvements.

Land use requirements

The site is suitable for a high quality building of townscape interest of a scale that works with the varied building heights of its surrounding buildings. A new Civic Centre should provide approximately 15,000 sq m (gross) floorspace.

Car parking

The existing public car parking provision on the site may have to be relocated depending on local need at the time of any future planning application. New car parking provision on the site should reflect the high level of accessibility and public transport connectivity of the site.

Conclusions on potential land use mix

Development at the Bath Road site provides the opportunity to create a high quality, mixed use building, anchored by its civic use, of ces and public realm. The building’s potential other uses, including a café, exhibition space and library, should make the site a hub for community and cultural activity. The mix and character of the land uses accomodated on the site should be re ected in the building design, creating a distinctive and functional development that adds to the future vitality and regeneration of Hounslow town centre.