Lampton Road Homes


The relocation of the Council offices together with the library to Bath Road in Hounslow town centre bring with it the opportunity to develop the existing site.

The current proposal includes the residential development of Hounslow’s Civic Centre site in two phases, to provide much-needed housing for local people. With financial help from the Mayor of London, hundreds of new homes will be built on the site instead, at least 40 per cent of which will be affordable housing

Council Objectives for the Civic Centre Site

The council’s objectives for development at the site are to:

  • Make a significant housing contribution to the borough’s housing requirement, to include a mix of housing typologies (houses and flats) and being particularly suitable for family housing;
  • Be sensitive to the site’s character and context, particularly the listed building at The Lawn, the period registry office and the adjacent parkland landscape;
  • Development should help maximise opportunities for the park’s enhancement;
  • Maintain permeability and access through the site for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Provide community infrastructure to support new residents

Lampton Road New Homes CGI Images


The Civic Centre site is located on Lampton Road approximately 700 metres to the north of Hounslow town centre.

The site covers an area of 4.86 hectares and is located on a curving section of Lampton Road (A3005) immediately adjacent to Lampton Park. The Civic Centre site is at, and does not feature any notable physical obstacles.

The site is currently publicly accessible from Lampton Road to the east, from Lampton Park to the south east, and via a footpath from Neville Close to the north. A number of footpaths lead from Lampton Road and Bulstrode Avenue to Lampton Park and Sutton Lane.